Coleman Theatre Beautiful

MLT PRESENTS "The Family Fruitcake"

Dec 1st to 4th, 2022

Mom wants to have a normal dinner, "just this once". But with a teen-age daughter being very "teenage-y", a younger daughter prepared (literally) for combat, a newly-married-into-the family man getting lost in the backyard, and a great aunt whose wild stories get wilder by the minute and who needs no prompting to spin the tale of the Swenson fruitcake. The fruitcake was made some 20 years ago and has never been eaten. It has become a family tradition to keep it in the pantry until Christmas, when it earns a place on the table only to be put away for the next year. The afternoon brings arguments, tears, joy, and reconciliations, some long overdue. But no matter what, it will always be a regular McKinnon Christmas— just as long as they have the fruitcake. And nothing could go wrong with that…could it?.

Tickets: $15-20

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