Coleman Theatre Beautiful

Dennis James on the Mighty Wurlitzer

Silent Movie 3 Bad Men and Golden Radio episode from Gunsmoke

Oct 1 to Oct 2, 2022

A live cast will perform the radio script as world-renowned musician Dennis James presents from the Golden Age of radio the script from an episode of "Gunsmoke".

In the second half, Dennis will accompany the silent movie 3 Bad Men. This movie, set in the 1870s when the lands of the Dakota Indians are finally opened to settlers and prospectors, three outlaws--Mike Costigan, Bull Stanley, and Spade Allen--wanted from Mexico to Canada, join thousands of other pioneers on a westward journey in search of wealth. Though they are horse thieves, they decide not to rob Lee Carlton, a southern girl, of her thoroughbreds when her father's wagon is attacked and he is killed by a rival gang. The trio band together to protect the girl and her sweetheart, Dan O'Malley. They guard the trail up a mountain as Lee and Dan are pursued by the gang of Layne Hunter, a crooked sheriff, to stake out a valuable claim.

Tickets: Adult $20, Senior $17, Student $12

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